Orthodontists vs Orthodontic Elastics

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Orthodontists vs Orthodontic Elastics

Orthodontists give their patients Orthodontic Elastics on a regular basis.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel here. Orthodontists use orthodontic elastics to move teeth every day on patients all over the world. Patients take the elastics with them and apply them on their own. It’s not as if self-application of orthodontic elastics is a new thing. These elastics have been used to move teeth for well over a century.

These are the same elastics that orthodontists use to move teeth every day.

When we started out, orthodontists used to post online to say that these products would never work. This was proven untrue when people began to upload videos showing how the bands worked for them.

One young lady who used this method was featured on ABC News:

This young lady was featured on ABC News.

After posting videos that featured her using elastics to close the gap in her front teeth, this young lady attained popularity on YouTube. She was ultimately featured on ABC News.

Confronted with so many online video reviews that showed that this actually works; the orthodontic community moved on to another tactic against orthodontic elastics. They claimed that orthodontic elastics will cause teeth to fall out.

What a frightening prospect. A product that is supposed to close a gap in your teeth, but ends up causing you to lose a tooth.

Our product is safe.

Absolutely nobody – not one single person – has ever lost a tooth from using this product. Everybody’s teeth are still firmly embedded in their mouths.

We could not stay in business if these claims were true.

1) Our customers would come after us (people would definitely seek retribution for their lost teeth). Seriously - Do you think anybody would let us get away with ruining their teeth?

2) This company would have been shut down years ago.

3) Last but not least:

Things would not go well for us if we caused harm to our customers.

Another prominent myth is the idea that an orthodontic elastic will disappear inside of the gums.

This is simply not possible and would totally violate the laws of physics.

Things do not inexplicably materialize inside of your body.

ORA-BAND is a company that cares deeply about the experience that our customers have with our products.

There is no way that we would continue to distribute a product that posed any form of threat to the oral health of our customers.

That is why we offer more product variety, faster shipping and more customer support than any other company.

Naturally, orthodontists do not welcome orthodontic products and services that do not include them.

The average cost of braces is between $3,000.00 to $7,500.00. That is only the average range. There are people that are paying more than that.

Every person that chooses to close a gap with an orthodontic elastic represents a loss of thousands of dollars to the orthodontic community.

Members of ORA-BAND’s staff have used the product. Family members of staff have used the product. These days, most of our sales come from word-of-mouth. After achieving successful results, many of our customers have recommended that their family members and friends use our products. These good people would not recommend a product to their loved ones that would cause them harm.

It has been our honor to help our customers close their gaps. Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit our site. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to getting to work for you.

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