Directions For Use

Directions for using ORA-BAND 

Using ORA-BAND Clear Orthodontic Elastic Bands is easy! 

- Grip the elastic band with your right and left hands between your index fingers and thumbs. 

- Stretch the band to the appropriate lenght to fit around the teeth that you want to move together. 

- Move the band according to your comfort.  Ensure that the band is positioned horizontally. 

- Replace the bands when your feel the elastic force beginning to wear off (typically twice daily). 

- Wear the bands as much as possible.  The only time that you should not wear the bands is when you are eating or brushing your teeth. 


Helpful Tips

There are many videos throughout our website that depict the different configurations in which ORA-BAND can be applied.  Remember that Narrow Bands are for your Central Incisors and Wide Bands are for your Lateral Incisors and Canine Teeth.  During the first few days of using ORA-BAND you will experience soreness inthe affected area of your gum line.  This sorenesss will ususally peak in the 3rd or 4th day of use.  Beyond that, it will begin to gradually decrease.  The soreness disappears entirely some time in the 2nd week of use.  Braces produce the same effect upon initial treatment/tooth movement.  ORA-BAND can be worn at your convenience.  However, we advise constant use in the initial closing phase to produce the desired result within 30 days.  Do not wear the bands while you are eating or brushing your teeth.  Once you begin using ORA-BANDs you should wear them as much as possible so that you can achieve optimal results in the shortest period of time. 


Closing Bands/Retaining Bands 

Use Closing Bands in the beginning phase to bring your teeth together.  Closing Bands have a tensile strength appropriate for moving teeth.  Once the space between your teeth is closed you will not need the tensile strength of the Closing Bands.  You can now make the transition to Retaining Bands.  Use the Retaining Bands to maintain your progress.  This is the same principle under which a retainer is applied after an individual concludes their use of braces to reposition their teeth.  Once the space between your teeth is closed the Retainintg Bands are designed to provide maintenance of your results as needed.  

It is advised that you change your bands at least twice daily for best results.  Every 5 to 6 hours is ideal.  You may choose to change bands throughout the days as you see fit.  We have supplied hundreds of Bands so that you will not feel constrained in your usage of ORA-BAND and can reapply and remove the bands with the confidence that you have an abundant supply to support your goals.  Enjoy your new smile!