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Do you have gaps between your teeth that you want to close?

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If so, view this presentation to see how people like you have been closing their gaps since 2011, without spending thousands of dollars or years of their time on braces.

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To close spaces between your teeth; use ORA-BAND Clear Orthodontic Elastic Bands, designed to fit around separated teeth and bring them together.

ORA-BANDs are non-latex, they are made from medical grade resin. For hygiene purposes, replace ORA-BANDs daily. With daily use, ORA-BANDs can close the gaps in your teeth in up to 30 days.

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ORA-BANDs can close small gaps, large gaps or multiple gaps in your front row of teeth because ORA-BANDs come in different sizes:

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Narrow Bands to fit around Central Incisors.

Wide Bands to fit around Lateral Incisors and Canine Teeth.

Now, we’ll look at some ORA-BAND customer reviews. To see more reviews go to That’s O R A – B A N Remember to type the “-“.

(The first testimonial is from a young man – he begins to speak now.)

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“Hey, my name is Jake and I’m making this video to share with you my opinion and experience that I had with ORA-BAND. So, I found ORA-BAND a few months ago when I was looking for a solution to the rather unappealing gap right between my 2 front teeth.

I saw their product and for way cheaper than braces – I went ahead and gave it a try. I got it in the mail about a week later and tried it on immediately.

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Now, to my surprise, within 4 days, my gap was shut. It was completely removed from my smile and my teeth have never looked better because of it.”

(End first testimonial.)

(The next testimonial is from a young woman – she begins to speak now.)

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“I’m going to document my process with ORA-BAND. I’m really excited. I find myself these days like addicted to YouTube. So I saw, uh, result videos on YouTube and… I’ve had a gap for all my life.”

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“I’m really, really excited about the progress that I’ve made so far. I definitely see a difference (mock screams) – so I’m excited about that!”

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“Hey, what’s up. It is day 30. And, uh… For everyone that’s been following me with my ORA-BAND progress and my story – thank you so much. And as you can see, there’s a big difference. Can you see?”

(End 2nd testimonial.)

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Choose from 3 different packages:

The Narrow Bands package

The Wide Bands package

Combo Pack

500 ORA-BANDs come in each order. All for only $19.95 plus shipping.

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The Narrow Bands close small and medium-sized gaps in your 2 front teeth.

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All of our bands can be used on the lower set of teeth as well.

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The Wide Bands close the Lateral Incisors.

Section 15

The Wide Bands also close the Canine Teeth.

Section 16

The Combo Pack is our most versatile package. It contains both Narrow Bands and Wide Bands.

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Use the Combo Pack to close large spaces between your 2 front teeth and any additional spaces that form as a result.

The Combo Pack also closes multiple spaces in your front row of teeth.

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Order now at to close your gaps for only $19.95 plus shipping today. Or call toll free at 1-855-ORA-BAND. Again, the website is O R A – Remember to type the “-“.

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ORA-BAND - Bring your teeth together. Closing gaps since 2011. Call or click now.

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